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Light therapy is a preventative and restorative treatment for anyone who would like to feel their best from day to day. Like nutrition, exercise and stress relief, LED light therapy can have profound effects on mental and physical wellbeing. Whatever your goal is, InLight is part of a lifestyle that supports the entire body.


Healthy Aging and InLight

Healthy Aging and InLightHealthy aging can start at any age. Low-level light therapy is a drug-free, restorative approach to pain relief and other symptoms of aging.

LED light therapy has been proven to increase circulation to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. Light therapy is a natural remedy for bruises, arthritis, joint pain such as knee and back pain, carpal tunnel, and more common symptoms associated with aging.

InLight for Cognitive Function

Your Brain on Light Therapy

PTSD and InLightLow-level light therapy stimulates the body’s natural, innate ability to heal itself on a cellular level, making it a unique form of treatment for PTSD and TBI. LLLT is a homeopathic, drug-free treatment with no known side effects. The increase in brain circulation from light therapy is also believed to increase overall brain health and lower a person’s risk of brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Light Therapy for TBI & PTSD

Traumatic brain injury (TBI): Even a mild head injury can cause acute permanent brain damage. Studies at Harvard have shown that low-level LED light therapy has the unique ability to improve brain circulation in hard-to-reach areas of the brain.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): When normal brain circulation is restored, symptoms of PTSD are less intense. LED light therapy has been shown help restore normal cognitive function for people with PTSD.

InLight and Erectile Dysfunction

ED and InLightErectile dysfunction is a symptom with many root causes. Poor blood circulation is also associated with many of these underlying conditions. Light therapy stimulates the body’s innate ability to improve circulation and enhance sexual performance.

The InLight Medical laser therapy device is a drug-free, natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. LED light therapy is safe, has no side effects and is FDA approved for increasing circulation.

SAD and InLight

Seasonal Affective Disorder and InLightSeasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is caused by a lack of exposure to daylight. It is typically seen in the fall and winter months or in people with irregular sleep schedules. Exposure to light therapy increases circulation to certain regions of the brain, and can ease symptoms associated with SAD and other depression disorders. InLight is designed for regular at-home use, and LED light therapy treats SAD naturally, without drugs or harmful side effects.