We’re proud to be a part of the Light Up to Live Tour | 2016


A Veteran Documentary Movie…

Dive into the lives of five veterans and learn who they were before they served our country, how they suffered their own unique TBI that halted their service while in combat, to their difficult transition back home and reconnecting with their families.

They will each be given a CereScan (Brain Scan) at the start and end of a 12 week treatment of In Light Wellness (light therapy) to see the direct results of this new FDA cleared product that will give new light and hope.

Each of the veterans carries a different impactful story of sacrifice, struggles, missed diagnosis, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and the battle back for a life that they once had.

Light It Up Tour 2016…

If you have not listened to Light It Up yet, then you really should. The JC ALL STARS have recorded a track and a music video that poignantly communicates some of the plight of our returning vets, and some reasons behind, and issues faced when experiencing TBI/PTSD. The video also shows ILWS devices and how light therapy may provide some hope.

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